Vandana joy of making her baby a part of Baby Spa's therapies
Vandana, the mother of 9 months old Baby Saaketh
Experts Speak by Dr.Suganya on importance of babies being physically active

Regular physical activity is an important part of getting healthy and staying active. As kids grow older, it can be a challenge for them to get enough daily activity, which can be due to increased demands at school and busy lifestyles.

Encouraging kids to be active from a young age sets good habits early on and helps them develop the skill they need to stay active throughout their lives. A newborn is no exception. In this case, zero to one is where the maximum milestone development happens in a child. During this period when a child indulges in an active sport like swimming, it helps in forming a good foundation of a strong and healthy individual both mentally and physically.

At Baby Spa, we as a team of physios have seen good milestone development, improved activity levels and enhanced immunity in babies who have had regular sessions here.

Physically active kids are more likely to be motivated, focused and successful. And mastering physical skills builds confidence at every age.

- Dr.Suganya 
Baby spa Hyderabad Clients

Taking my son to Baby Spa was a highlight experience. Definitely, hydrotherapy activity and spa treatment helped the newborn to get healthier and stronger. 

Post activity, he became very active, his appetite increased and had a sound sleep. Moreover, he was relieved from constipation, which he was suffering from since his birth.

The facilities, experienced staff and aseptic environment at Baby Spa are really encouraging me to bring my son to the spa.

Highly recommend it to parents!

- Rajnaveen Devabathini
Baby spa Hyderabad Clients

I came to know about Baby Spa through Facebook and it raised curiosity in us. We had a word with our family who were skeptical initially. We went to have a word with Baby Spa and Dr.Swathi explained us how water therapy would help the baby by increasing muscle strength, movement and brain activity. Our baby suffered with Jaundice for almost 2 months which left us in dilemma whether to go with this. We took our parents for a visit to Baby Spa and they expressed interest too. And we finally took package of 30 sessions.

                We were anxious about our first visit to Spa as we didn’t know how baby would react in water, but that first visit made us confident. Baby wasn’t cranky and was comfortable in water. For few visits, baby was very active during nights, so we shifted our timings to morning and baby had a tight sleep in nights since then. Over a period of weeks, there was a definite improvement in his muscle strength ( you should see how he holds toys and remotes).Initially he used to spit the milk after drnking which gradually reduced as the sessions progressed.His appetite increased and bowel movements were regularized too, which was our major concern after that Jaundice episode. Now he loves playing in water, enjoys his bath too. As told baby spa is very much useful for the babies for the overall development and it feels good to c our lil one swimming ❤ .. hoping to c u at the sessions including parents (soon to be opened)!!

                This testimony is incomplete without speaking about Staff. Swathi, Amreen (front office), the physios Mehraj, Swathi n Neha who are very cordial, supportive and patient. They loved the baby as much as we did. We don’t want to thank them for their support and make our relationship with them a formal one

Anjali - Aditya
Amazing experience

Great attitude of the entire staff and my baby thoroughly enjoyed. Everyone is very polite and caring. Ambience is amazing. If you want a different and stupendous experience for your baby a must visit place. My baby was happier n more relaxed on the spa days.

Ambrina khan
There is no age for happiness and joy. Six months old Hridan portrays the utmost joy by enjoying his hydrotherapy.

Shruthi Agarwal , the mother of 6 months old Baby Hridan
Happy mom, Dr. Pooja expressing her baby boy’s experience with his spa session.
Dr. Pooja

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