Understanding Hydrotherapy for babies and How it Benefits Children

Hydrotherapy for babies is a new age concept and it is but natural for parents to have a lot of questions on this topic. The fear of trusting your infant in the hands of a stranger is also understandable. But did you know that the infant experiences a lot of stress from the time of birth and a relaxing session of hydrotherapy is all it takes to calm the infant down?

Relaxing your little one’s nerves and making sure they’re calm and sleep with not a worry in the world. As a new mother, we understand that your baby’s overall growth and development is crucial to you. If there’s one way that could do it all for your baby it is Hydrotherapy. Here are 7 Lesser-Known Advantages of Hydrotherapy for Your Little One.

1. Enhances lung capacity -

An infant as young as two days old can be introduced to hydrotherapy through the hydro pod, which are temperature controlled pools designed especially for infants. Infants experience rapid growth during the first few weeks of birth and a little stimulation goes a long way in fostering this development. The controlled water pressure on your baby’s chest increases their lung capacity and improves the respiratory system by strengthening the intercostal muscles. Increased lung capacity and a fully-developed respiratory system is a key milestone in a healthy baby’s developmental cycle.

2. Relieves constipation -

As the baby is getting accustomed to the new environment and switching between multiple sleep and feeding patterns there is a high possibility of the little one developing gas and digestion problems. However, when the little one undergoes hydrotherapy, the instances of digestion problems significantly reduced. Research says that the hydrostatic pressure of water across the baby's body is known to enhance digestion and reduce the problems of constipation in infants.

3. Promotes extended posture -

Your baby has been comfortably resting in your womb for nine months in the fetal position. This might have gotten her limbs a little too stiff. A relaxing hydrotherapy session would help her flex those tiny little muscles and develop a more extended posture.

4. Improves cardiovascular system -

Increased blood flow across the body and through the muscles means that your infant is more relaxed. Learning to move away from the comfortable fetal position can be stressful and there could be limited blood flow to the regions that are held close in this posture. However, when you take your little one for a hydrotherapy session, her muscles are relaxed, her body is well massaged, and her nerve endings are stimulated to promote growth. Also, hydrotherapy enhances your little one's cardiovascular system through a lot of water exercises, infant massages, and games. This has also proven to improve the infant's appetite and regulate the sleep cycle.

5. Provides sensory stimulation -

As the water gently touches your baby's skin in the spa pool, sensory nerves in the brain are stimulated. The process of myelination, where ultra-fine electrical wiring that connects the brain nerve cells start developing insulation occurs. In simple words, myelination, the substance that is essential for body-mind coordination develops while your child plays in the pool.

6. Better Hand-Eye Coordination -

Splashing water and playing with the bubbles enhances your child’s hand-eye coordination extensively. Hydrotherapy is also known to stimulate visual tracking in your little one. And this means that your infant would be able to channel her hand-eye movements the right way, since the time she is two days old if she is introduced to Hydrotherapy.

7. Fosters motor development -

Playing in the pool, the bobbing, turning the head around, moving of arms, etc., are all known to stimulate the vestibular system which is the foundation for the development of motor skills. Infants are quick learners and would learn to repeat actions they enjoy doing, so, if your little one is in a hydrotherapy pool where she isn’t stressed, she is more likely to develop gross motor skills faster.

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