The Next Big Thing in Infant Care Is Here! Is Your Baby Being Left Behind

Life of a baby is tough; after going through a hard day crying, eating, burping, crying, sleeping, bed wetting, and crying again, they get stressed! Doesn’t a tough life like this deserve a break?

We would all be willing to go that extra mile to pamper our little one and ensuring that they get the best of everything in this world. But, how much time do we have on our hands to ensure that we keep up with the baby care trends and give our little one all the love and comfort they deserve?

Well, there’s something interesting cooking in the baby care sector that can help your little one relax and unwind from all the stress they experiences. Hydrotherapy- that’s the word creating a buzz in the parenting circle in India recently.

So, what is Hydrotherapy and how is it beneficial to your little one? Read on to find out.

What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is one of the oldest forms of treatment known to mankind. Known by different names like water therapy, aqua therapy and so on, it deals with using different temperatures of water to produce different effects on our body.

A lot of scientific findings of different studies on the impact of Hydrotherapy are highlighted in this paper, which concludes that hydrotherapy produces a positive effect on various parts of the human body.

Tried, tested and loved by healthcare professionals across the world, hydrotherapy involves muscle strengthening exercises performed in temperature-controlled water, to make the muscles more flexible, strong, and healthy.

Hydrotherapy has been proven to be successful in the treatment of Arthritis, Spondylitis, injuries to the spinal cord, paralysis, burns, etc. In short, it is effective in treating a lot of joint and muscle problems.

What is Hydrotherapy for Kids and how is it beneficial?

While hydrotherapy has been a popular treatment for adults, there was very little that was explored in this space about using Hydrotherapy for kids. But did you know that Hydrotherapy has a lot of beneficial effects on the infants? Infants experience a lot of stress as they try to adjust to the new environment and deal with a plethora of stimulus.

Hydrotherapy for baby aims at providing a safe and secure space to explore movement in the water, strengthening the muscles, and provide functional activity training to the little ones. In other words, hydrotherapy for kids aims at alleviating muscle pain, reducing stress, enhance cardiovascular conditioning as the heart pumps more blood to the body while immersed in water and promote resistance in the baby's body.

Laura Sevenus, a South African national competitive swimmer developed the concept of hydrotherapy for infants and kids in the '60s. Laura Sevenus, who is the founder of BabySpa, founded the Sevenus Swimming Method®, while she was in Cape Town teaching swimming. She went on to develop a purpose-designed facility from her understanding of the parent-child relationship, the needs of the child, and the benefits that water therapy has to offer.

Conceptualized in 2005, Laura uses child relaxing techniques to foster your baby’s growth, de-stress them, and boost the parent-child relationship. This technique has traveled across the globe with Laura, as she has introduced, tested, and proved the success of her approach in several countries including South Africa, Sweden, Germany, and the UK.

Hydrotherapy for Babies in India

If you are in India and wondering how this could help your little one and how could you make sure that your baby doesn’t miss out on the wonderful benefits of Hydrotherapy, here’s the answer.; a paradise on earth for your little ones is now open in Hyderabad. Here, techniques of hydrotherapy are used to build your little one’s muscle strength, bone structure, and flexibility.

Childcare experts vouch for the credibility of this approach and state that infants as young as two days old can be introduced to hydrotherapy as it helps their physical, psychological, and emotional development.

A baby spa is a safe haven for your little one to explore the world of water in an environment that is similar to the warmth and comfort of the womb.

When do I take my baby for a Hydrotherapy session?

Infants as young as two days old can be introduced to Hydrotherapy sessions. The warm temperature-controlled pool creates a womb-like atmosphere for the little one, which helps them relax and explore the new surroundings in peace.

Don’t worry about the umbilical cord stump on your baby, which would take over two weeks from the time of birth to fall off. At BabySpa, we ensure that the umbilical cord stump is covered with a belly button cap to keep it dry for the duration of the session. Also, to ensure that the newborn does not develop any infections during the sessions, all the babies that are yet to be vaccinated are given individual swimming pods.

If your concern is, however, about the frequency of the visits to the BabySpa for a hydrotherapy session, infant massages and hydrotherapy sessions can be ideally performed at an interval of once a week on the newborn babies. These sessions can go on up to the time the baby reaches six months, to ensure that the baby is relaxed while the key gross motor skills develop in the little one.

This concept of Baby Spa is gaining popularity world over and has entered India only a few months ago, however, it has been received with great patronage so far and happy mother’s cannot wait to bring their little ones back for another session. So, why should your little one be left behind from all the fun? Sign up for a visit or hydrotherapy session for your newborn right now!

Have more questions about hydrotherapy and if this would suit your little one? Connect with the neonatal experts who could answer all your questions. [1]

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