How to keep your baby or toddler active

A crying child can be calmed by giving them a mobile or a tablet is the new age parenting style. However, pediatric experts say that there could be no worse style of parenting than this because the light from the mobile or tablet screen, the multiple stimuli that the baby’s brain gets from the device, and the gadget addiction that children develop hinder a lot of key development milestones from occurring.

So, in short, you need to keep your toddler active and away from the screen if you wish for them to have a healthy childhood and a healthier adult life. If you are a parent and concerned about how to ensure that your toddler has an active and healthy childhood, here are a few tips you could use.

Tips to Keep Your Toddler Active

Play Together: Spend some time as a family every day and ensure you have active play involved as part of it. You may include activities like going to nearby places on cycle, walk to the park every day, play ball, or walk your dog every day while you take your little one along. Imbibing the habit early in your toddler, like taking them out of the stroller and helping them practise walking in the park or around the house could be one healthy start.

When you engage in physical activities along with the entire family, you not just promote healthy lifestyle, but also foster a healthy parent-child relationship and positive parenting. Your child will also learn to start enjoying this if you make fitness a play and ensure that everyone has fun while getting fit.

Discourage Screen Time

Introduce Hydrotherapy: Babies as young as two days old can be introduced to hydrotherapy, a technique that helps treat stress and foster growth in your toddler. The therapeutic hydrotherapy pods help the baby relax by the rhythmic movement of temperature-controlled water where they baby can explore the new stimulus and thrive in a womb-like environment. Hydrotherapy is proven to speeden the developmental milestones of your little one, introduce them to water, teach them relaxing exercises, and also help them learn the basics of swimming early in life.

Build a Fitness Routine:

Kids thrive on routine, so make sure you build one that includes physical activity in a fun way. You may start off when your little one is just a few days old by taking them for an infant massage or hydrotherapy session where they are introduced to simple exercises and fun water games that would help them develop an activity routine.

You may include free-play in the everyday routine of your little one when they are grown up to a toddler. Free play is essential for toddlers as they find it difficult to understand rules, so when you let them

Be an Active Role-Model: If you little one watches you being a couch potato and hooked to a screen in your free time, you are bound to raise a lazy child too. Children learn by imitating their parents and other significant adult caregivers, so watch your actions around children and do not limit yourself to just preaching them to be active and fit.

Walk or take the stairs whenever possible. Make it a game and ask your little one to see if they can take as many stairs as you do and reward them when they win. Skipping, running around the park, playing catch or indulging in any activity that involves physical effort is what your child should see you doing if you wish to raise an active and healthy child.

How many of these tips do you practise with your little one? Share your tips and parenting secrets for raising an active toddler in the comments section.


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