7 Tips to Introduce Your Little One to Solid Foods

Your little one has outgrown your arms and has started to sit, crawl, and maybe even try to walk with support, and if you have been thinking of introducing her to solid foods, here are 7 Tips. to Introduce Your Little One to Solid Foods.

1. Start right

Doctors now recommend the time between four to six months is ideal to introduce your little one to solid foods. Look for signs like opening mouth on seeing food, finding interest in other people eating and willingness to accept the food and to chew.

2. Never Give Up!

Little ones often need to try a food around 10 to 15 times before they are accustomed to its taste, so never give up if they don’t like something on the first try.

3. Do not force If your little one is aversive to certain foods, do not force, you could demonstrate eating it saying how tasty it is, and encourage her to eat it. Force will have the opposite affect. This would only make her dislike food, in general.

4. Take it slowly

Do not change her entire diet plan overnight. This might be stressful and might upset her digestive system. Also, make sure you do not try too many new foods at the same time. This would help you watch for allergies. So take it slowly, one bite at a time.

5. Stay around

Your baby is new to solid foods, so make sure you stay around to make sure she doesn’t choke. Keep yourself informed on what needs to be done in case this should happen.

6. Make a healthy start

Kids love to model what their parents do, so eat healthily and your child will learn the same habits from you. You cannot expect her to eat veggies from her plate while you treat yourself to pizzas and macaroni. Make it a ‘healthy start’ for your little one’s diet.

7. Experiment with textures

Mix solids with semi-solid or try a puree only. Try it all and see which one your baby likes best.

We hope that our tips are helpful. While you try these, remember that every baby is different, even if they are twins. Therefore, it is always better to check with your doctor before you try out something new on your little one.

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