7 Popular Parenting Myths Busted!

Parenting is a tough game and everyone has their own way of raising a child. But, then, what makes this all the more difficult is the numerous social norms, expert advice, parenting styles that we are bombarded with. If you are a new parent or a parent-to-be, here are a few socially imposed and popularly believed myths on raising a child, that are far from the truth.

1. Myth: You Spoil the Child by Picking Her up Often

Truth: Picking up your infant every time she cries is not spoiling her. In fact, it helps her build confidence that you will be around to respond to her needs. Remember that during the first six months your baby's cries are one of the only ways she communicates with you, so go pick her up every time she calls you without fretting that you are spoiling her.

2. Myth: Bribing Your Child Is a Bad Idea

Truth: Rewards are often helpful in helping your child build good habits. The idea of receiving a positive reinforcement would encourage your little one to pick up the habit faster or reach the milestone quicker. But remember not to overdo it!

3. Myth: You Need to Meet All Your Child's Needs

Truth: Caring for your child does not mean that you give them everything they fancy. Doing this will only make you a bad parent because you raise a child that doesn't know how to lose gracefully. It is important for kids to appreciate the little things they have in life, this, they would learn only when they know that not everything would be presented to them on a platter.

4. Myth: Discipling Your Child Through Punishments Makes You a Bad Parent

Truth: Spare the rod and spoil the child, we've all heard this. We don't intend to say that you should beat them up, there are a lot of other punishments or negative reinforcements that your little one can be given to avoid certain behavior. It would help your little one differentiate and understand what is good and bad, so never think that punishing or reprimanding them makes you a bad parent!

5. Myth: Parenting Will Come to You Naturally

Truth: Parenting isn't a college degree that you get once the baby is born. There is no one right parenting style too, so assuming that you should know everything about raising a child since day one is wrong. Everyone learns it through trial and error, so cut yourself some slack, make mistakes, ask for help, learn how to raise your child as you go forward!

6. Myth: Baby's Milestones Are an Indicator of Their Intelligence

Truth: Don't let your friends or cousins get you into believing that their child is smarter than yours only because their little one started walking or talking earlier. Scientifically there is no proof to support the claim that infants who reach developmental milestones earlier would be more successful and intelligent later in life. Intelligence is influenced by nature and nurture, so make sure you raise your little one in a happy and healthy environment that would help them thrive.

7. Myth: You Are Responsible for Your Child's Tantrums

Truth:Kids throw tantrums and they would do it anyway to have their way with you. So, if you have been blaming yourself for all the tantrums your little one has been throwing lately. Instead, applaud yourself for raising your little one right. Don’t understand? Well, children who are accustomed to listening to ‘NO’ early in life grow as a well-rounded adult as they grow up knowing that they need to work their way through things and are not entitled to have it all!

Do you know any popular parenting myths that need to be cleared once and for all, please mention them in the comments section below?


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