5 Ways to Help Your Baby Talk

A baby’s speech development is an important milestone in your child’s well-rounded development. While the baby starts early in the prenatal stage, there are ways in which you could foster this development, and yes, you could do it even before the baby is born. In this blog, we try to bring out the tried and tested methods to help a baby start talking and share the insights with you in the form of this article titled, “5 Ways to Help Your Baby Talk,” read on to know more.

1. Talk-Talk-and Talk

Infants learn a lot when they are with their parents and observing them. So, every time you are with your little one make sure you engage her in a little chatter. This could be about the color of the meal, the texture of her dress, the sounds of her toy, or anything that amuses her. This not just adds to her vocabulary, but also helps her observe and learn how you move your lips and tongue around to make sounds.

But don’t wait until she’s born. You may start talking to the baby even before it is born and the words, songs, and sounds would be something she learns even before birth. This would help her hop on the speech bus real fast!

2. Read often

Bedtime stories are the best way to get your little one introduced to new vocabulary in a fun way. This routine can start off around the time the baby is in the womb, where the little one gets used to your voice, starts enjoying your company as an infant, appreciates the words, colors, and pictures in the book as a toddler, and joins you in reading around the time he’s ready to start school.

Stories have also been proven effective in helping you build a routine for your child’s bedtime. So that’s a win-win for you as a parent, so go on and start that reading sessions with your little one soon.

3. Listen

Listen to your little one as she makes attempts to talk and respond to her words, babbles, noises, and gestures just the way you would if an adult were to talk to you. But make sure, you do some baby-talk to encourage your little one to keep going. Don’t forget to make eye contact and remember that your little one looks up to you for validation and your attentiveness gives her that. In short, your baby is more likely to start talking if she knows that you are interested in listening to her.

4. Make it a game

Kids learn through play, so make everything that you want to teach them, into a game and they’re bound to start learning it faster. Also, it would strengthen the parent-child body effectively. You could pick out your baby’s favorite toy and imitate the noises that the real-life version of it would make.

For instance, a car toy could be pulled around the room with the sounds vroom vroom vroom, or a stuffed dog toy could be bow bow bow and so on until your little one gets hoped onto the game and starts imitating the noises you make. They would be more willing to repeat what you say if it is monosyllabic and sounds fun. So, do not include complicated words when you’re trying to teach them through play in the initial stages.

5. Reward

Every step and progress is a great breakthrough towards the big milestone. So, reward your little one and shower her with praises and treats as she learns to goo, babble, talks monosyllabic words, repeats after you, speak in sentences, read, or just about anything that adds to her talking milestone. This would encourage her to keep going on the path of progress.

Are you all geared up to help your little one start talking? We hope your heart is soon filled with joy as your infant starts uttering her first words. Do share your experiences in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to share it with a friend who needs to read this.


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