5 Tips to Put a Teething Baby to Sleep

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Teething is not just an important milestone in your baby’s life, but also the most painful one. Infants experience a lot of pain, discomfort, and stress as the first tooth appears, and this makes them cranky and restless, making it the toughest phase for both the child and the parents. If your little one is around four to six months old, she might soon start teething and experience the pain and stress of it. One major challenge that babies face during teething is the inability to sleep properly. Here are 5 Tips to Put a Teething Baby to Sleep.

Not sure if your baby is going to start teething? Here are a few symptoms to watch out for: Excessive biting, drooling, crankiness, disturbed sleep, and pulling of ears.

1. Massage the gums:

Wash your hands and give a soothing massage along the gums of your little one. This will help her calm down, relax the hurting gums, and help her sleep better. Gum soreness is what keeps the little ones up at night while they are teething when you gently massage their gums, they are relieved of this pain and discomfort.

2. Hydrotherapy:

The rhythmic flow of water against the body of the infant is known to increase the cognitive ability of the baby, strengthen the muscles, improves body balance, provides a cardiovascular workout, improves appetite, and relives the baby of any stress. Your baby would be more relaxed and stress-free during teething and sleep properly during teething if you take her for a regular hydrotherapy session.

3. Be There:

Be there for your little one and comfort her. While she might be too little to understand how teething is going to be painful but would be gone soon, the fact that you are by her side would ease her anxiety. It is believed that babies undergo separation anxiety as they grow up, due to the fact that they’re no longer in your embrace during their waking hours. This stress adds to the pain of teething, so make sure you are around and assure your little one of your presence. This would help them sleep with ease. You may also use this time to bond with the little one and develop a sleep routine.

4. Brush the gums:

Tiny Teething brushes are available in the market which you may use to brush the baby’s teeth from the time the first tooth appears. Until then, you may use your finger or a damp cloth to massage the gums of your little one, or use your fingers to do it. This would not just maintain the oral hygiene of your little one during the teething process, but would also inculcate the healthy habit of brushing from a very young age.

5. Avoid painkillers:

A lot of online articles and friends might suggest you to pick up over-the-counter painkillers for your little one’s teething problem. However, these pills only tend to provide temporary relief and might not be good for your baby’s overall development as the tablets contain a lot of chemical substances that might hinder with the child’s system that is still in the process of development and cause undesired side effects.

Instead, talk to your pediatrician for relief procedure or practise home remedies that offer relief to the little one’s pain.

6. Buy teething toys:

Babies love to chew, so give her toys that she can suck on and would pacify her even when she’s hungry. This might be a great soother even during her bedtime and help her sleep better. The advantage of getting your little one into the habit of using a pacifier is that she is most likely to pick up the habit of sucking her thumb around the time of teething and this habit might be difficult to break when compared to a pacifier or teething toy. For instance, when you decide that she has been sucking on the teething toy for a long time, you may throw it away and break the habit.

But make sure you pick teething toys that do not have any tiny parts or are made with material that could choke your little one. Also, be careful with the material used to make these toys to ensure the safety and well-being of your little one.

Just as every milestone in your baby’s life, this phase shall pass too and she would have those beautiful white milk teeth, so celebrate the moments as they last and be there for her as she conquers yet another hurdle in her stride to grow up!

Do you know of any more tips to help a teething baby sleep with ease?

Post them in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share it with your friends who might have a teething baby to deal with.


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