5 Rules for When to Feed Your Newborn

Feeding a newborn is tricky and unpredictable, so here’s a comprehensive guide on how to feed your newborn right!

1. Look for early cues

Long before your little one starts wailing in hunger, she would give out signs that indicate that she needs to be fed. Looking out for these patterns and feeding her as soon as she exhibits them would make sure your little one doesn’t turn out to be cranky. Some commonly noticed indicates of hunger in infants could be lip smacking, hand on stomach, sucking fingers and fist, moving hands closer to the mouth, etc.

Even if your little one isn’t exhibiting these signs every time she is hungry, she would eventually start doing it if she notices that she gets fed when she shows signs of being hungry. So, you may use these cues to build your own feeding pattern with your little one.

2. Feed often

New born babies need to be fed around eight to ten time a day, which is around once every hour or two. Try to make your baby burp before the next feeding, just to make sure that she’s hungry and can use a little more milk. This would ensure that you do not overdo feeding.

3. Stick to breast milk

A healthy baby will not need water or other food supplements for the first few months since birth. So, you can avoid these and stick to breast milk or formula during this time. Do not experiment, as breast milk is the ideal diet for your little one.

4. Your baby’s feeding habits change

The hunger and feeding pattern of your newborn is constantly changing. So, make sure you look for cues of hunger before feeding her and not go by just the “usual feeding time” or schedule. Excessive consumption of milk or baby formula might make your little one sick as her digestive system is not fully evolved.

5. Trust your instincts

Nobody knows a baby better than the mother, so if you have a gut feeling that your little one needs to be fed, do it right away. Count on your instincts and that of your baby when it comes to feeding. Cues like the weight gain, wet diapers, etc.could be predictors of a healthy baby rather than the frequency or quantity of milk consumed.

Do you know any interesting tips or rules that a new mom could use? Share them in the comments box.


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