10 Signs You Are Ready to Be a Parent!

While we’ve all heard the 30-year rule where men and women alike are told that you need to have a baby before the big 3, that’s far from true. Your body is ready to give birth at any age as long as you have a healthy uterus that can nurture the little one for nine-long months.

While a lot of people do believe that there is scientific evidence of pregnancy after 30 being problematic, remember that this research data has been in circulation for several years now, and a lot has changed over the years, right from the economic conditions, to socio-political factors, to the environmental, and healthcare factors all of which play a role in the childbirth.

While this blog isn’t to argue if you can/may have a baby after your 30s, it is to tell you that you need to have a baby only when you are ready for it, and not just because you’ve been hitting your age deadline. So, here are 10 signs that tell whether you and your partner are ready to be parents.

1. Healthy Relationship with your spouse

You are in a happy space with your spouse where you understand the priorities in each other’s life while maintaining a healthy balance in your relationship. You have discussed the possibilities and plans for having a baby sometime in the future without getting into an argument. This shows that your partner and you are ready to be working as a team and raise a happy baby when one comes around.

2. Have a strong support system

Parenting is tough and having someone to fall back on is important. Your in-laws, siblings, friends, a strong support system that would pitch in while you are emotionally and physically exhausted, both during pregnancy and after childbirth, are essential. If you do not have one in place, you are willing to ask for help and build one when the need arises.

3. Sound physical and mental health

You are physically and mentally healthy and can take care of yourself. This one is a no-brainer and is probably the most important factor in helping you decide.

4. Ready to let sleep take a back seat

You can go a whole day, week, or maybe even a month with just a few hours of sleep (read - nap), and not complain about it. Pregnancy and childbirth would take a toll on your sleep cycle. In short, you can assure yourself that your sleep would go for a toss for the next three years if you decide to have a baby.

5. You have your little one’s future planned

A decent bank balance, savings for the little one’s arrival, and a steady in-flow of income to keep the growing expenses with your child’s birth are necessary. Having a baby is an expensive affair and it is important for you to have ample discussions on this with your spouse before you take the big step.

6. You see babies everywhere

Ever heard of the theory of “seeing red cars”? This is a theory that we’ve all experienced in life, for instance, the minute you buy a red car, all you see on the road are red cars. This is not just the case with cars, every time your mind is obsessed with something you see it everywhere around you. The same is the case with babies when you have decided to have a baby or have been thinking about it a lot, all you see are pregnant women and newborn babies.

7. You are ready to cancel out on travel plans at the last minute

Having a baby means saying No to a lot of things in the last minute. If that irks you, think again. However, if you are someone who’s cool with the idea of canceling a vacation last minute to spend your time watching TV, then you are all set to be a super parent!

8. You can sleep through chaos

Noise, mess around the house, bodily fluid everywhere, if these don’t make you cringe and you can manage to keep a straight face or smile, you know that you’d be a great mom!

9. Noise doesn’t make you flip!

Screaming and crying are kids primary modes of communication, and if you can live through this without losing your cool, consider yourself to be a winner at parenting!

10. You have thought about having a baby

To be honest, that’s all you’ve been thinking about lately, and your Facebook ad-feed is filled with suggestions of baby products -courtesy your Google Search History! If you’ve thought about it so much, then chances are high that you are ready to have a baby. Go on, talk to your partner, see if you are on the same page, and gear up to bring in a life to the world!

Have you experienced these too, or know someone who might relate to these points? Tag them in the comments section!

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