Our Facility

A nurturing environment where your little one’s physical and psychological development can foster naturally is what we’ve developed. Designed in association with child development experts, equipped with the state-of-the-art neonatal care facilities, and meeting world-class hygiene standards, our Baby Spa is the best getaway for your little one. 


A team of experienced baby care professionals, pediatric nurses, and support staff would assist in your baby’s session. 


To provide maximum comfort and support to your little one, we only use Bubby ®, a patented flotation device. 


For our records, we weigh your baby during every visit. 


To prevent spills, your baby would be covered in Swim nappies and swimsuits. 


Sterilized soft towels would be used to dry and wrap the child. 


Only purified water is used in all our services, to ensure maximum safety and skin protection to your bundle of joy.


Your baby would receive a post-swim ritual of organic grapeseed oil massage to nourish her skin, keep it soft, and moisturized while building muscle strength and flexibility. 


Soothing and relaxing music is played in the background to calm your baby’s senses. We also have ample space for you to comfortably sit, relax, chat, and feed your baby. 


Individual pods filled with purified water is provided for our tiny guests who are below the age of 12 weeks until they’ve received the first set of immunizations. This is to ensure the safety of every child at our Baby Spa.


Sterilized with UV light, our spa pool ensures that it does not become a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, and fungi. 


Your baby’s safety and health is our prime concern, so we take utmost care to ensure that the facilities are safe and kind of the skin of your little ones .



Note: Babies up to the age of eight months would be entertained, provided they have been a regular at the spa. 


Disclaimer: Parents and babies who are unwell will not be allowed in the Spa, to ensure the well-being of other babies. Kindly co-operate. 




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