What is DMIT and History behind it?

What is the DMIT Test?

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) is a scientific study associated with fingerprint patterns and brain lobes that helps in understanding a unique inborn potential and personality. DMIT Test Technique has long been developed by scientist Dr. Howard Gardner, the analysis of which is based on Neuroscience and Multiple Intelligence Theory. This test allows for one to know their strengths and weaknesses.

Dermatoglyphics is the scientific study of fingerprints. 

• Derma • Skin • Glyphe • Carving

Harold Cummins M.D. (May 28, 1893 – May 12, 1976) is universally acknowledged as the Father of Dermatoglyphics 

DMIA technique is based on the understanding from various streams of science namely - Genetics, Embryology, Dermatoglyphics, Psychology and Neuroscience

What is Multiple Intelligence Test?

Each individual has a different intelligence composition. Multiple intelligences are centred at different parts of the brain lobes. We all can improve education and learning style by addressing 9 multiple intelligences. These multiple intelligences may either work individually or together, depending on one’s ability. All these bits of intelligence define the human’s personality type.

Howard Gardner, Harvard University propounded the “Theory of Multiple Intelligences” in 1983.

• Gardner’s theory focuses on sensory aspects of intelligence.

• The introduction of multiple intelligences (MI) theory generated great excitement in the educational community.

It was a provocative new concept claiming the existence of at least eight distinct intelligences: linguistic, logical-math-
ematical, musical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalist as opposed to one general intelligence

9 Multiple Intelligences Test

1. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence (Number/Reasoning Smart)
2. Linguistic Intelligence (Word Smart)
3. Musical Intelligence (Musical Smart)
4. Naturalist Intelligence (Nature Smart)
5. Existential Intelligence (Phil Smart)
6. Intrapersonal Intelligence (Self Smart)
7. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence (Body Smart)
8. Interpersonal Intelligence (People Smart)
9. Spatial Intelligence (Picture Smart)

Benefits of MI Test

MI Test is mainly used for Education Counselling and Career Guidance.

Brain Lobes

Who can avail DMIT test and its Relevance?

DMIT Test for Children (3-10 years)

DMIT Test for children based on important parenting tips. This is a complete brain analysis, which is uniquely adaptive, instinctive and responsive based on their needs and skillsets. DMIT Test provides a scientifically proven assessment program that caters to every child’s unique potential. DMIT Reports provide right parenting tips towards developing specific core expertise from childhood.

​Benefits of  DMIT Test for Children

  • Know your child’s inborn talents and natural character

  • Accelerator in finding inborn potential of the child (based on TRC)

  • Understand the best learning style and improve understanding of your child

  • Customize the learning programs based on the child’s learning style

  • Channelize potential in the right direction rather than trial and error

  • Select the activities based upon their Multiple Intelligence and innate abilities

DMIT Test for Students (11-17 years)

Estimates show that 70% of school-aged students have different study methods and difficulties. DMIT Test integrates extreme pruning as the mind begins to concentrate and build a good identity. Discovering best learning styles at this young age can better improve on IQ, EQ, CQ AQ and SQ.

Benefits of DMIT Test for Students

  • Understand students intrinsic potential

  • Know your 9 Multiple Intelligence distribution

  • Know your best learning communication characters

  • Identify your supplementary activities based on DMIT Report

  • Facilitation of educational stream & career selection

  • Know your preferred best learning style: Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic Learning

DMIT Career Guidance Test

Career Guidance Test is a study of Multiple Intelligence. We are often better in certain bits of intelligence than others. It’s essential to know regarding these Multiple Intelligences. So you could continue to acquire the ones you already very good at and will be able to improve other Multiple Intelligence.

Benefits of Career Guidance Test

  • Identify your core Multiple Intelligence

  • Understand your natural talents and character traits

  • Identify the most suitable career field and leadership styles

  • Know your Work Management Style based on Career Guidance Test

  • Know your suitable department based on the MI Theory

  • Identify your core competencies and develop according to Career Guidance Test.

DMIT Test for Employees

DMIT Test Corporate Employees will help your organization optimize the complete spectrum of human resources processes - from choosing the best candidate to fill up a position towards identifying gaps & focusing training attempts in areas that require development. DMIT Test Corporate Employees could also be used to measure the effectiveness of education, learning and workshops by using a pre & post tests of each employee.

Benefits of DMIT Test for Corporate Employees

  • Pre-employment screening

  • Find the right person for your job

  • Discover employee’s possibilities, maximizing efficiency & effectiveness

  • Evaluate your current manager’s performances & core competencies

  • HR training & development based on employee abilities

  • Know your employee’s leadership styles and qualities

  • Know your employee’s internal abilities

  • Reduce operating cost & maximize corporate value

  • Know your employee planning and delivery style

  • Reorganize the employed pool for high productivity

  • Improve human resources & customer management more efficiently

DMIT Test for Adults (Above 25 years)

What makes the DMIT Self Analysis Test especially powerful is often that it often helps you uncover possibilities that you would not have otherwise spotted. And simply by understanding your personal strength and weakness, you can handle and eliminate risks that might usually hurt your capability to move forward. Personal Self Analysis Test is a useful technique that will help you to realize career opportunity.

Benefits of DMIT Personal Self Analysis Test

  • Completely understand your strength and weakness (Self Analysis)

  • Understand your all-natural character traits

  • Know your opportunities and future threats

  • Identify and improve your core competencies

  • Fully understand your partner character traits, values & characteristics

  • Discover your personal capabilities and select the right profession path

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