The magic of Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is a therapeutic practice where babies "float" in water with the help of a patented floatation device, the Bubby.

Hydrotherapy works miracles for babies' well-being, and development.

  • Helps babies (and moms) sleep better

  • Develops baby's muscles (yes,babies have muscles, and yes, they need some exercise)

  • Relieves colic

  • Soothes the stomach, and reduces stomach problems

  • Improves cognitive development

  • Stimulates babies' senses

  • Improves babies' balance and coordination

  • Encourages bonding with parents, and other babies

  •  Developmental transition from the flexed womb posture to a more regular extended posture.

  • The balance system is gently stimulated by our pool activities, which helps to lay the foundation for the development of motor skills.

  • The cardiovascular workout improves appetite and can help a baby to sleep better after the session.

Nothing but
the purest of water

All water is with ozone, and is extremely gentle on the skin. Babies swim in carefully designed pods of water purified by reverse osmosis.

The BUBBY means safety

Our patented flotation device ensures security, maximum comfort, and absolute support in the water. 

Swim pods

Babies under 8 weeks old, swim in individual pods. Older babies swim in group pods that encourage to interact with one another.

Luxury is in the details

Babies are provided with comfortable swim nappies and specially laundered linen towels.

Music therapy

Soothing music specially chosen to calm your baby, a comfortable nursing room, and friendly nurses, contribute to a very relaxing atmosphere.

More benefits of Hydrotherapy

  • Promotes Bone, musculature growth and brain cells of the central nervous system.

  • Promotes Immediate interactive start to the parent/child relationship 

  • Increases lung capacity.

  • Increases physiological development of digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems.

  • Increases baby’s confidence in water.

  • Improves: Physical, Cognitive, Emotional and social behavior.

Preparing for your Visit

We are entirely baby focused. To derive maximum benefit from the visit, your baby should be fed and well rested.


  • We recommend that you arrive at the end of his/her sleeping time and that you feed your baby in our nursing room.

  • Please ensure that you arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment to do this.

  • We try to ensure that your baby is never over stimulated but always remains within the enjoyment threshold.

  • You do not need to bring anything for the visit except if your baby is formula fed or is accustomed to a dummy. We will provide swimming nappies.

  • We advise that you bring your baby as young as possible for the first visit as the programme has been designed to begin with newly born babies.

Disclaimer: If mother or baby are unwell, please do not attend.


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