“Baby spa babies are physically more active and

have better Intelligence”

The Pool Therapy enhances equal usage of both hands which has an impact on the development of both sides of the Brain.Research has proved that the early introduction of water for infant’s babies are way ahead of the non-water babies, in terms of their cognitive skills like learning, thinking, math’s and problem solving.

Neonatal water flotation

Established by Laura in 2005 in Cape Town, this is more than just

a comforting experience. 

"It is a groundbreaking developmental technique, which offers

numerous physical and emotional benefits for neonates and

young babies" quoted Dr Joan Westaway.

  • The gentle resistance of the water promotes muscular and skeletal strength.

  • The baby can explore movements for the first time in an upright position without the force of gravity and support.

  • Water reduces the effect of gravity on vascular circulation assisting the return of blood to the heart.

  • The effect of regular exercise is especially beneficial to the cardiovascular system.

  • The pressure of water on the chest increases GOOD BREATHING ABILITY and strengthens the respiratory system.

  • The process can help to improve the digestion and to absorb nutrients, and helps in regularizing the stool pattern.

  • The hydrostatic pressure of water with physical movement relieves constipation during immersion.

  • Sensory stimulation or tactile stimulation, created by the water passing over the skin, impacts on the central nervous system.

Your baby's brain and muscles grow with use...

Motor skills like grabbing objects, moving tiny toys around, effective use of both arms, etc., develop during the first few months after birth.  


Here’s how Neonatal swimming can promote babies’ growth in the infant stage.

  • Improves balance and muscle coordination, both of which are crucial in the next developmental stages like crawling, walking, and swimming. 

  • Enhances the functioning of circulatory and digestive systems, lowering the risk of bowel infections.

  • The rhythmic flow of water increases your child’s lung capacity and build skeletal strength. 

Psychological Development

Birth to six months is crucial for your little one’s psychological development. This means you need to shower them with all the love and care you can. While this could be stressful, we could help you take a break. 


  • Your child would receive expert protection, support, and attentiveness during the Hydrotherapy to boost psychological well-being. 

  • Hydrotherapy has proven to be an effective contributor to developing cognitive skills like learning, thinking, mathematics, and problem-solving skills in children. 

  • Trains your child in the effective use of both the hands, which in turn fosters brain development. 

  • Reduces stress and discomfort from teething, constipation, bloating, etc., that your little one might be experiencing. 

Parent-Child bonding

Post Partum Stress is a real thing and more mothers than we would like to admit to suffering from it. This could create an unhealthy parent-child relationship. Spending quality time with your little one while she’s not cranky could be a great way to bond with her on a whole new level.

Attending a Baby spa would:


  • Help you connect and bond with your little one

  • Network with other new mommies just like you

  • Find some time to relax, read, and unwind as our baby care experts pamper your little one with Hydrotherapy.

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